My passion for music dates back to my childhood. I remember that every day when I was a kid I used to listen to an old radio transmitting both hits of the time and the opera music my father loved so much. I preferred low frequencies, manipulating the radio potentiometer to modify tones excluding high frequencies… It was certainly a foretaste of what I would study in the future.

At about ten, I started with piano lessons and after just 3 years, I exhibited myself at local festivals and different events. I have a good memory of that period, as I was a “picciriddo” (“child” in Sicilian) who played music with elder instrumentalists… I was kind of a mascot. When I was fifteen that flash of inspiration: I casually bump into the trendiest music of that period, the Police. So I started reading about them and listening to what was just so far from Italian music (just think that when “The dark side of the moon” was released in 1973, Italy’s hit parade was led by “Fin che la barca va, lasciala andare” by Orietta Berti). Mozart melts with Genesis, Chopin meets the Yes… and so on!

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I saved up some money through genuine performances and I was finally able to buy my first hi-fi making all friends and relatives astonished and jealous… After that, the years of Weather Report, Miles Davis and the jazz-fusion took me out of all schemes, even if at the same time I feel closer and closer to my favourite composers Debussy, Ravel, Pergolesi and Bach. During these years, I started composing my own music. I almost have nothing left from those first notes… I never gave the right importance to them, tearing those pages up and starting again. I was not that self-indulgent at the time, I have never been, but I still kept trying…

After studying piano, I felt like this was not enough for me as I had the necessity to experience the orchestra. Therefore, I decided to study the double bass, an instrument that had always caught my attention. I started again, studying at the Conservatory, gaining experience in ensemble and I was finally ready for the orchestra. This period is characterised by national and international concerts in chamber ensemble and symphonic orchestras (Comunale di Bologna, Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana), taking part to prestigious festivals.

After that, everything finished; a casual accident stopped my carrier. However, after two years, I decided to push myself once more and I dedicated myself to music composition and production by learning as much as I could. I studied modern composers, the avant-gardes and electronic music. I gradually found myself into record production and finally understood my right dimension was writing and producing my own music. Therefore, I started to focus on my own ability to communicate through sounds, looking for my personal musical language.

I have contrasting musical experiences, but each of them has contributed to determine my style: an absolute crossover in which classic and contemporary music mix together, as well as well-structured and spontaneous sounds. During the last few years, I have been composing soundtracks for cinema and I have collaborated with well-known international documentarists and with prestigious cultural institutions.